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Back 40 Metal Worx Booth Image With Wildlife Metal Art Crosscut Saws, Indoor and Outdoor Tattered Metal Art Flag

About Back 40 Metal Worx

Who are we?

Back 40 Metal Worx started in 2010 as a part time hobby for us. My wife and I have had many ventures in our 30+ years of marriage. This has by far been our most rewarding one yet. We started by building our own CNC plasma table to enable us to cut out metal wall art pieces that we could sell at local gun shows, street festivals, and craft shows. We began making custom metal art pieces for folks who had ideas they needed turned into steel. To make our metal wall art pieces to be durable enough to stand up to outdoor elements, we bought a powder coating system and built a powder coating oven. Then we decided we needed to add colors that were beyond what we could get with traditional powder coating. So to create a whole new style of metal wall decor, we began experimenting with a patina process that allows us to get a wider array of colors in our pieces. Over the last several years we've learned how to create our own solutions and dyes that we use to get our colors. After the coloring (patina) process, a clear powder coating is baked on to give our metal art the durability we want and our customers deserve. This has allowed our outdoor metal wall art to become popular with folks looking to spruce up their log cabin, mountain home, or beach house decor. 

In 2017 we added a CNC laser engraver and a CNC router to our lineup of equipment. This allows us to make items out of acrylic, wood, leather, and more. We make several art pieces that combine two or more materials. We make and sell assorted items including trophies, awards, laser engraved insulated tumblers, save the date items, wedding registers, wedding, anniversary, and birthday cake toppers, and much more.  

What's in the future for Back 40 Metal Worx?

We constantly working on new techniques and looking for new ideas for not only metal art but all things art related.   

Metal Art & More

We currently maintain two shops on Etsy as well as a shop on eBay and a store on Amazon. Below are links to our Etsy shops. 

Back 40 Metal Worx on Etsy

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